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“The first wealth is health.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The revolutionary Bioresonance programme to stop smoking [as featured on youtube.com] is now available at my clinic.

Although it is accepted that smoking poses a serious health hazard many people are addicted to smoking and are unable to stop without some form of help.

Anti-nicotine therapy with bioresonance has proven successful in relieving withdrawal symptoms.

To be completely successful the client has to be sufficiently motivated and have a genuine desire to stop smoking.

How does it work?

By detecting the nicotine frequency bioresonance therapy takes this minute electrical frequency emitted by nicotine and creates an inverted image of this.

It feeds the inverted image back to the body negating the frequency associated with nicotine craving.

Stop Smoking with Elaine Geary

Before the therapy

You are advised to smoke your last cigarette two hours before your appointment. You only smoke half of this cigarette. As you are smoking it tip the ash into a clean glass jar.

When you are half way through stub the cigarette out into the jar and cover the jar. Bring this along with you and also one unsmoked cigarette. Do ensure that both of these cigarettes (the half smoked and unsmoked) are the usual brand you smoked.

During the therapy

You will need to remove your shoes and socks. Your feet will rest on to electrode plates whilst you hold hand electrodes. The first course of therapy is the preparation therapy, the purpose of this is to help enable you be receptive as possible to the anti-nicotine therapy.

After this you will received a therapy to help support the body in preparation to detox residual nicotine. Then finally you will receive the anti-nicotine therapy, this involves a band around your head as seen on the above video link.

After the therapy

Afterwards, as many comment, you won’t actually feel any differently. You just won’t find yourself thinking about cigarettes.

You are advised to drink approx two to three litres of water per day for the next few days. This is more specific depending on body weight which we will discuss in more detail during your visit.

Overall the visit lasts approx one hour.

How much does it cost?

The fee is €195.00. (There is no further cost if you require a second treatment)

Consider the savings! – If you are currently smoking twenty cigarettes daily you will have paid for the treatment in approx three weeks, and will go on to save €3,640 annually.


This treatment is not advised during pregnancy.